If you are looking to save time and money in purchasing a new or refurbished golf cart, or you are looking to rent a powerful and customised golf cart for your event, Maple City Custom Cart Rentals are here to provide you with the excellent service that you’ve come to expect.

Golf Cart Rentals for all occasions

Our customised golf carts are especially useful for decreasing on-site travel time, as well as convenience and style for your event.

Our golf carts are rented regularly by our customers as a means to:

  • Transport friends and family in style
  • Get around camp-grounds quickly and easily
  • To ease the travel during yard work
  • To get around at local events
  • For hunting, farming and recreational purposes

Some of our customers also rent our golf carts to aid them on job sites, or even to help with warehouse work.

Don’t delay – rent today!

Our custom golf cart rentals are manufactured by the best, and built to last. Regularly serviced and cleaned, you can rest knowing that you will be fully satisfied with your golf cart rental.

We are ready to fulfil all of your rental requirements, take a look at our available golf cart rentals here.